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Find your way to the right load bank rental solution.

Load Bank Solutions (LBS) offers a singular focus on load bank testing services across a variety of industries and markets on a global scale. The company provides its customers with access to one of the largest load bank equipment rental fleets available to meet the growing demand for power testing – all delivered with experienced personnel who understand your specific testing requirements and applications.

Our unmatched product support services include design, engineering, installation and operation that can help to solve your testing needs, safely and efficiently. LBS provides load bank solutions for a variety of industries, including oil & gas, renewables, financial, government, healthcare, manufacturing, marine, military & defense, nuclear power, power generation, power & gas distribution, telecommunications and more.

LBS can help you to reduce project risk by assisting with substantial completion and commissioning testing. You will be able to improve reliability and availability – and test as close to expected load profile as possible.

By conducting proper electrical testing at start up and commissioning, many faults can be detected and resolved prior to the going live and ensuring maximum uptime and performance. LBS can give you the ability to better determine a substantial completion date when all parties are available to be on site – giving you a competitive advantage in your market.

Load Bank Rentals